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Sportair Ltd. is a general aviation company that holds Transport Canada 406, 702 and 703 operating certificates and provides training, charter, sightseeing, aircraft leasing, consultancy and contract pilot sevices.

Our Stearman

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The Stearman Model 75 was developed from the earlier Model 70 designed by Lloyd Stearman and was first ordered by the US Army Air Corps as a basic pilot trainer in 1936. In 1938 the Stearman Aircraft Company became the Stearman division of Boeing Aircraft and more than 10,000 of the type were delivered to the Army as the PT13 and PT 17 models, and the US Navy which designated it the N2S.

Canada acquired 300 PT27 models as wartime pilot training aircraft but they did not fare well in Canadian winters and most were returned to the USA. After the war many of the aircraft were fitted with more powerful engines and used as crop sprayers and eventually these and others passed in to private ownership and enjoyed a new life as private and air display aircraft, many carrying out aerobatics and wing walking at airshows, and giving rides to people wanting to enjoy the magic of flying back in time in an open cockpit biplane.

This Stearman, serial no 2779, was built for the USAAC in 1941, seeing military service at a number of training fields and after the war became a crop duster with a Californian company. It came to New Brunswick in the 1950's to spray budworm and eventually returned to Canada as a crop sprayer for General Airspray in Ontario where it was at one time a very rare float equipped Stearman. After being damaged in an accident it went in to storage for a number of years until being acquired by a private owner and rebuilt with the Continental W670 engine. The aircraft came to BC in 2006 and now carries the original Canadian registration marks CF-VOB that it wore when flying as a crop sprayer in the 1960's.

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